Launching Stormboy Painted

This last week I have been painting the Stormboy who has just lifted off from the take-off ramp. I was looking forward to painting this, firstly to see how the smoke trail was going to turn out and secondly to have my first attempt at using a technique called OSL. OSL or object source lighting is where the reflected colours are painted on to areas surrounding a light source giving the illusion of a glowing light. The effect is mostĀ noticeableĀ in the final photo of this post. Overall I’m very pleased with how it all turned out.

Stormboyz Launch Area Update

I have now created the lower ramp for Stormboyz to take running take-offs from. The ramp itself is textured to look like planks of wood matching the shorter catapult ramp. I also wanted to have a Stormboy just lifting off…

This is the mount for the Stormboy on the ramp. A length of wire bent to follow his flight path so far, attached to the ramp with a blob of Greenstuff for extra strength. The wire was then wrapped in Florist’s wire to make gluing to the wire easier. I’ve then started to glue on scenic foliage with PVA glue to simulate the smoke trail.

Once the wire was completely covered with the foliage and the glue was dry, I’ve given a second coat of PVA to strengthen it enough to keep it in place and to paint.

The walkway has also been altered slightly. I decided rather than have a set of steps leading on to the walkway, I have stepped the walkway itself. I have also added the deck plates to the framework. Next step will be to construct the railings around the walkway.