Deck & Port Side

I’ve spent most evenings this week sketching and sticking various bits of card on trying to work out what I’ll be adding to the deck. These sketches give an idea of how I want to extend the original wheelhouse. The wheelhouse will have two tiers, the bottom tier will extend forward on to the deck. The main feature of the port side will be a huge twin barrelled cannon.

One of the major obstacles has been the curvature of the deck, which cambers across the width and has a concave curve along the length towards the bow. Cutting anything to fit to this means some careful measuring and guess work.

Below is the beginnings of the deck structure. As the wheelhouse is removable to allow access to the workings, the extension is glued to the deck but not the wall. With some careful positioning of armour plate and other details this join should eventually be all but invisible. Note how the height of the wall reduces the further forward it gets, although the top remains parallel to the waterline.

More Detailing Ideas…

I have been starting to think seriously about what I’m going to do to the outside of the hull to “Ork it up” a bit. A main part of this will be in the colour scheme, but I’m also thinking it would be good to add some typical Ork armour plating, particularly on the stern section that sticks up surrounding the rear decks. This sketch shows how it could possibly look around the stern cut-outs.

I have also been considering the space on the lower rear deck. In the Our Lass II model this area would normally house the fishing net drums, but as I won’t have any need for those the area is empty. One choice is to just leave it empty, after all the only way to view inside is to look through the small cut-outs on the stern. But it also seems like a great place to have a sort of engine/boiler room. I can increase the visibility of such a scene by not using the Upper deck cover. So something along the lines of a big furnace with pipes and dials all over and a poor little Grot shovelling in coal for all he’s worth!

A Few Ideas…

The following sketches show a few ideas for the conversion of Our Lass II in to an Ork Warship. The first sketch shows an idea for a launch pad for Stormboyz, some deck detail in the form of leaking oil drums, and an external helm for the Captain.

This sketch shows a possible way to modify the main cabin, along with the addition of a funnel and various exhausts.

A crow’s nest for the mast complete with gretchin look out and some possible detailing for the bow.

Finally, a claw for the crane and some cannon emplacements on the deck.