Port Hull Viewing/Firing Slot

Having continued the armour plating on the port side towards the rear I decided that there was an opportunity to create an opening on the taller hull sides at the stern.

Here is the basic construction.

And here it is after adding armour plating detail.

And finally I pulled a few bits together from the Ork Nobz Sprue to create an Ork using a telescope to peer out of the opening.

Front Turret

I wanted to do something a bit different for the front turret compared to the more conventional artillery piece on the port side. It is a powerful 3 barrel energy cannon (zzap gun). With various wiring, collars, coils, canisters and cooling vent I think it makes a nice centre piece for the fore deck. Below are views from all around the weapon:

And finally the energy cannon in its place on the fore deck…

Fore Deck and Bow

Some earlier photos have shown a glimpse of a mast position at the bow of the ship. I had always planned to retain this from the original kit, however apart from getting in the way of other things i want to do on the deck, I think it was also not very warship like.

I therefore decided to remove the mast, and in its place I’m going to have a nice big 3 barrelled gun of some description. Rather than place this straight on to the deck I wanted to raise it up a little, so I have built a small foredeck.

Starting with a basic structure, the hardest part was getting the angles correct so that the front wall followed the same profile as the hull.

I decided I wanted the bow to look quite heavily armoured, with the shark’s teeth you can imagine the Orks quite happily ramming their victims. I also added viewing/firing ports around the front. Here you can see the fibre glass hull scratched and roughed up to help ensure the armour plating sticks.

This final shot shows further progress with the detailing.

Deck Lift Complete

I’ve finally completed the build of the deck lift. The lift shaft/support is now detailed and the lift platform is fitted. The height is adjustable, although not by as much as I had originally envisaged. But enough to change the overall look.

Here is the lift with the platform not raised completely to the top, revealing some pipework within the lift shaft.

And here it is with the platform fully raised, with Deffkopta ready to lift off.

Deck Lift Update

Following on from my earlier post where I enlarged the deck aperture and built the surrounding wall, I have made some progress on the Deffkopta deck lift over the last few days.

This is the Deffkopta in question…

This is the basic structure of the lift shaft, most of which will be below deck. Although the lift won’t actually operate, I do want it to be adjustable so I can have the lift platform in various positions. I also wanted there to be some depth visible through the sides and the platform itself. I’ve also made this unit┬áremovable┬áso that I can use the hole for easier access to the bow thruster.

Here is the unit in its place on the deck. There is plenty of detailing work to be added to make it visually interesting, various pipe work, supports etc.