The Ork Warship

Furnace Room Interior

This is what I’ve mostly referred to in past posts as the furnace room. Its below decks and is virtually obscured from view when the removable panel is in place, but I long ago set my heart on creating a little diorama down here in the guts of the ship…

So I’ve added a few walls, which also creates a space to the left where coal-like fuel will be piled up for shovelling in to the furnace, you can sort of make out the loading hatch on the deck above…

As I won’t have the best access when its in place for doing any detailed painting this, along with the other parts I have planned for down here, will be constructed as separate units which can be fixed in once painted…

If you were wondering where the door led to, well someone’s got to operate these missile tubes…

Which rather conveniently poke out of this slot in the side of the hull…

Well I now need to make a mirror of this for the other side… the ‘other side’ is always a bit boring to do, although at least it wont be quite so trial and error getting it to fit.

Boarding Ramp Gantry & Grabber Hull

Starboard Hull & Deck

A few months have passed without an update here, but work on the warship has been slowly progressing. Mainly it’s been a case of working my way around the hull and deck and adding plating and rivets, which once seen a couple of times it becomes a bit repetitive to keep posting about. So since the last post the front deck area has been detailed and the various orks, grots and other items have been arranged.

The small deck area leading out of the superstructure has had fencing/railings placed around the edges and most of its deck plating applied.

I’ve most recently been working on the starboard side, along with the hull side plating and deck detailing I’ve also made significant progress with the Killa Kan boarding ramp and harpoon/grappling launcher for bring victims in close for boarding.

I have also started work on the gantry and grabbing arm. Apart from some orkification in the shape of repair plates and rivets I’ve also fitted the claw I created a long time ago and a simple mechanism for allowing easy removal of the arm during transit.

Still a fair bit of work to do to completely finish these areas, but my current aim is to get enough done so that I can prime and paint the hull soon.

Fore Deck

Stormboyz Launch Area Update

I have now created the lower ramp for Stormboyz to take running take-offs from. The ramp itself is textured to look like planks of wood matching the shorter catapult ramp. I also wanted to have a Stormboy just lifting off…

This is the mount for the Stormboy on the ramp. A length of wire bent to follow his flight path so far, attached to the ramp with a blob of Greenstuff for extra strength. The wire was then wrapped in Florist’s wire to make gluing to the wire easier. I’ve then started to glue on scenic foliage with PVA glue to simulate the smoke trail.

Once the wire was completely covered with the foliage and the glue was dry, I’ve given a second coat of PVA to strengthen it enough to keep it in place and to paint.

The walkway has also been altered slightly. I decided rather than have a set of steps leading on to the walkway, I have stepped the walkway itself. I have also added the deck plates to the framework. Next step will be to construct the railings around the walkway.

Fore Deck

Stormboyz Launch Area

I’ve finally started building one of the very first features I planned to have on the deck of my warship… a Stormboyz launch area.

The top platform of the structure has a catapult for gaining altitude quickly. Below that will be longer ramp for a running take-off. There is a walkway to the side of the main platform leading from the raised deck area from here there will be a ladder to access the catapult.

The catapult platform features a makeshift shield and assorted charred debris to contain the blast from take-off.

The bungee cord is simply a shaped piece of wire coated in Greenstuff and given a twisted/stretched texture.

Super Structure

Gatling Gun

So another little job that’s been lingering on the to do list for some time… the other firing position on the roof of the superstructure. I decided to go for a nice chunky Gatling gun, operated by another of my old Bad Moon ork boyz.

Super Structure

Superstructure Lift

I finally decided to have a go at the lift that will service the various levels of the superstructure, allowing the orks to get up to the helm platform to have a go at steering. Although it wont actually be operable whilst sailing the boat, like various other elements of the ship I did want it to be adjustable so I can change how things look.

Started off by constructing the basic lift platform which has a tab that nicely slides along the runner that will be fitted through the superstructure…

Here you can see how the two parts fit together…

I then added some handrails to the lift platform itself, still need to add a few more details such as safety chains and controls etc. You can also see that I have added a little pulley at the top of the shaft and attached a chain to the platform. The chain will eventually loop around to the bottom of the runner and joining up with the bottom of the platform. This will give a continuous loop of chain that will hopefully allow the platform to be moved up and down but still hold it in place enough so that it doesn’t drop under its own weight.

Here is a final shot showing how the lift provides access to 3 levels…

Super Structure

Steering Mechanism

Over the weekend I added this chain pully system to transfer the steering from the Helm platform down in to the superstructure. I believe this is also the first time I’ve posted an image of my steering Grot who has since had a coat of paint since his last appearance on the blog.