Port Side Turret

Port Side Turret Painting

Well its been a month since my last post! Work on the the warship has been quite slow due to other things going on, however there has been some progress.

I decided to have a go at painting the port side turret to get a feel for the colours I want to use. First up is the turret after receiving a coat of primer.

And various views once painted…

And finally a close up of the turret operator…

Overall I’m very happy with the finish achieved. I think there is still some potential for further detailing and weathering/rust etc but I think that final stage can wait until the rest of the model has caught up.

Super Structure

Chimney Stacks

I’ve been continuing work on the chimney stack arrangement at the rear of the main superstructure. The port side chimneys, which were shown in my previous post, have since been painted.

The starboard side chimneys were constructed in the same way as before although in a different arrangement. They are currently at an earlier stage of painting, having just received a base coat and a coppery dry brushing.

The Ork Warship

Furnace Painted

The ship’s furnace which I built back in January, has received a lick of paint. I’m very pleased with the metal finish and the verdigris effects. Since the photos were taken, I’ve added rivets to the small patch at the top… a little oversight.