Ship's Crew

Front Deck Layout

I’m still slowly working my away around the warship adding details. Looking back at my previous post I realised I hadnt posted anything about the state of the front deck for some time and since there have been several recent additions in that area I thought I would add a post for that area.

Here is an overview shot of the port side.

Here is the front deck with all of the characters and equipment positioned. At the moment the are just pinned in place, once everything is painted I will glue them on permanently.

On the right hand side there is a free-standing kannon being operated by a couple of grots, one of which is busy bringing a shell up from below. The other grot is shouting for assistance for the fallen ork lying wounded by the anchor winch.

A very recent addition is the stairway leading up to the Zzap gun deck and the associated railing.

A Stormboy is coming out of the tunnel under the walkways ready to follow his colleague up the launch ramp. Above him is another Stormboy negotiating the walkway, with recently added left hand railing, as he makes his way up to the catapult.

The Stormboy captain is bringing up the rear, as he leaves the superstructure shouting his orders to his departing squad.

Fore Deck

Stormboyz Launch Area Update

Continuing construction of the Stormboyz launch area I have added a safety barrier along the walkway using aluminium mesh, brass rods and some styrene angle. I’ve also added the ladder up to the catapult platform and a smaller ladder up to the new catapult winch platform…

The catapult winch offers the Stormboy some mechanical assistance to stretch the bungee for maximum altitude…

The Grot operating the winch is converted from the Ork Gretchin sprue. He was originally firing a pistol so needed a new left hand. I also changed the angle of his foot to look like he pushing with all his weight to throw the lever…

I also gave him some hair… just for fun!