Deck Lift Complete

I’ve finally completed the build of the deck lift. The lift shaft/support is now detailed and the lift platform is fitted. The height is adjustable, although not by as much as I had originally envisaged. But enough to change the overall look.

Here is the lift with the platform not raised completely to the top, revealing some pipework within the lift shaft.

And here it is with the platform fully raised, with Deffkopta ready to lift off.

Deck Lift Update

Following on from my earlier post where I enlarged the deck aperture and built the surrounding wall, I have made some progress on the Deffkopta deck lift over the last few days.

This is the Deffkopta in question…

This is the basic structure of the lift shaft, most of which will be below deck. Although the lift won’t actually operate, I do want it to be adjustable so I can have the lift platform in various positions. I also wanted there to be some depth visible through the sides and the platform itself. I’ve also made this unit removable so that I can use the hole for easier access to the bow thruster.

Here is the unit in its place on the deck. There is plenty of detailing work to be added to make it visually interesting, various pipe work, supports etc.

Deck Lift

Today I made a decision about the deck. I had originally planned to have a StormBoyz launch platform over the small deck cut out. However I recently acquired a couple of Deffkoptas, of which I hoped to incorporate at least one of on to the warship. After much deliberation the only logical place to do this seems to be to make a kind of helipad-come-deck-lift over the hole. I’m sure I can fit the Stormboyz in elsewhere, maybe a little further forward.

Anyway, as you can see I’ve enlarged the aperture a little to accommodate the size of a Deffkopta. I’ve also mirrored half of the decagon shaped structure that is the base of the port side turret. This wall will support the platform, the majority of which will be made up of the lift. I would like to make it so the position of the lift is adjustable to either be below deck or above.