Fore Deck

Stormboyz Launch Area Update

Continuing construction of the Stormboyz launch area I have added a safety barrier along the walkway using aluminium mesh, brass rods and some styrene angle. I’ve also added the ladder up to the catapult platform and a smaller ladder up to the new catapult winch platform…

The catapult winch offers the Stormboy some mechanical assistance to stretch the bungee for maximum altitude…

The Grot operating the winch is converted from the Ork Gretchin sprue. He was originally firing a pistol so needed a new left hand. I also changed the angle of his foot to look like he pushing with all his weight to throw the lever…

I also gave him some hair… just for fun!

Ship's Crew

Grot Crew Members Painted

Have recently been painting a few of the crew members.

First up a grot using the lift…

And secondly a sniper grot taking up a position on the chimney stack platform…

Ship's Crew

Ork Kaptin Badrukk

The Ork Warship’s captain awaits his new ship! I’m not going to mess with him… I’m building as fast as I can! Anyway he was looking far less fearsome as an unpainted white metal mini, so I’ve given him a lick of paint.