Running Gear

The weekend’s major achievement was to get the running gear glued in to place. I found this quite a tricky task, doing a dry run of the assembly to get the major components all lined up requires a few extra pairs of hands, or in my case copious amounts of masking tape. Once I was happy that everything was going to fit, I started off by fixing the Kort nozzle. Then came the prop shaft, which after checking there was clearance for the motor, was tacked in place. The skeg and rudder were last to be fitted.

A Few Ideas…

The following sketches show a few ideas for the conversion of Our Lass II in to an Ork Warship. The first sketch shows an idea for a launch pad for Stormboyz, some deck detail in the form of leaking oil drums, and an external helm for the Captain.

This sketch shows a possible way to modify the main cabin, along with the addition of a funnel and various exhausts.

A crow’s nest for the mast complete with gretchin look out and some possible detailing for the bow.

Finally, a claw for the crane and some cannon emplacements on the deck.

The Build So Far

To bring things up to date with progress so far…

Most of what I have achieved seems to have involved making holes in the hull.

My first task was to mark out and drill the necessary holes for the propeller/rudder assembly. I’ve yet to fix all the pieces in place as its a quite a major task to get everything square and true.

I have also cut the holes for the bow thruster. I’ve chosen to go for a working version at a little extra cost rather than simply using the supplied piece of tubing.

The anchor box has been assembled and fixed in to place. There was a size discrepancy between the template for marking the aperture and the box itself so the hole was simply cut larger to accommodate it.

And finally I have drilled out the cut-outs in the stern and am in the process of filing these to there finished size.

Introducing Our Lass II

This is the Our Lass II from Model Slipway, the kit I have chosen to be converted in to an Ork warship.

After a few weeks on a waiting list for the kit, due most likely to its sudden popularity after appearing in a magazine review, I finally received a huge box of parts on the 8th December. Here they are sprawled across my desk…

To give a little idea of the model’s size:
Length: 900mm
Beam: 300mm