Side Ladders & Clump Recess

Yet more holes in the hull have been made over the course of this past week.

Side Ladders

I finally got the side ladders fitted after sometime spent getting the hull level so I could mark the cut-outs vertical (90 degrees to the waterline). The ladders, which were built a while a go, were then super-glued in place and then epoxy’d for good measure. Just a little bit of filler required to give a good finish.

Clump Recess

I have also cut out and fitted the clump recess at the stern of the boat, a fairly simple procedure.

More Detailing Ideas…

I have been starting to think seriously about what I’m going to do to the outside of the hull to “Ork it up” a bit. A main part of this will be in the colour scheme, but I’m also thinking it would be good to add some typical Ork armour plating, particularly on the stern section that sticks up surrounding the rear decks. This sketch shows how it could possibly look around the stern cut-outs.

I have also been considering the space on the lower rear deck. In the Our Lass II model this area would normally house the fishing net drums, but as I won’t have any need for those the area is empty. One choice is to just leave it empty, after all the only way to view inside is to look through the small cut-outs on the stern. But it also seems like a great place to have a sort of engine/boiler room. I can increase the visibility of such a scene by not using the Upper deck cover. So something along the lines of a big furnace with pipes and dials all over and a poor little Grot shovelling in coal for all he’s worth!


This weekend’s major task has been to make some progress with the decks. First up was a trip to the local glass shop, where I was able to get a nice thick piece of mirror to use a flat surface on which to build my main deck. Seems to be a slight error with the measurements for the deck construction in the instructions, either that or the deck itself is too short. Here is the deck photographed from the underside.

I also took the plunge and glued in the lower rear deck. Viewed here from above at the bottom of the picture we can see the bulkhead to which the main deck will attach. Whilst through the access hatch the connecting rod that operates the rudder can be seen in place.

Power Claw!

My first attempt at a bit of scratch building. As I mentioned in a previous post it is my intention to re-purpose the crane as something you would more likely find on an Ork warship. So far I have the basic claw, I still need to add some more detailing and devise a method of attaching it to the crane arm.

Crane Assembled

Here is shot of the crane fully assembled. Once its painted, there will be more tubing to connect the various pipes and hydraulic rams together. So far my only addition from the original kit are the circular plates which cap the joints. I feel this gives a nicer finish than seeing the ends of the tubes and also means the crane can still be separated in to pieces as the joints just pop together.

Gantry & Crane Assembly

Over the past few days I have been assembling the various elements of the gantry and crane. Although in the boat’s final guise it wont be hauling nets, I think the mechanical arm fitted with some kind of claw will be a great feature. The assembly itself has been very enjoyable, with no major issues. Just have to take care to measure and check everything before cutting as each element of the crane needs to fit well to the next. Still a fair bit to do on it, adding pipes etc and it will need painting before all the elements come together.