Super Structure

Wheel House Update

The wheel house has been receiving some attention over the last week, although its still very much a work in progress I wanted to run through the modifications to date.

The top half of the front wall has been extended this now slopes in the opposite direction to the original and sits on the structure that I have added to the deck. On the roof two circular sponsons have been added, which will be the mounts for some Anti-aircraft artillery… more on that shortly.

The doorway will lead out on to this raised area, and I’ve added a couple of cut-outs which will have shutters and be used as firing positions.┬áThe ork pictured will be holding one of these shutters up as he fires.

On the port side I have cut out an access doorway which will lead on to a raised walkway halfway up the wheel house. I’ve also blanked off a couple of the original windows.

On the starboard side the opening is much larger… this is going to be a Killa Kan workshop/hangar. Note also the stairs leading up to the gun platform.

I have begun building a flak gun for the starboard roof sponson. The barrels will be mounted two on top of two. I also found an old Bad Moon boy which will work well as the gun operator.

Super Structure

Helm Platform

Spent some time this weekend working on a platform for the helm, this is where the captain of the ship will be standing, along with his Gretchin helms man.

Starting with a piece of plastic card, cut to the shape I had decided upon, I then clad the deck with .5mm plastic ‘plates’ of various shapes and sizes. A few strips and some tread plate were added to give that cobbled together feel. I then added over 300 rivets made from sliced up styrene rod and individually glued on. Think maybe I was a little too neat, especially with the rivet spacing.

The “safety” barrier, not that Orks would feel the need for such things, was made from a strip of aluminium mesh used for car bodywork repairs. supported with brass rods and finished off with some styrene “L” section.

As you can see its still a work in progress, especially towards the rear where I’m not 100% sure how it will interact with what’s behind it. The hole in the platform is going to be a small lift for getting up and down.

Super Structure

The Helm

There’s not been much in the way of progress on the main ship build recently. But I’ve been tinkering with building the helm. The wheel itself is scratch built from bits of styrene rod and card. Whist the ‘helmsman’ is a converted Grot Assistant… my first attempt at using Green Stuff.