Skull & Cross-bones

As a “change of scenery”, for the latter part of the week I decided to work on the Skull & Cross-bones that is to sit on top of the tower that supports the Captain’s platform. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, I think it adds a nice crowning touch to the super-structure.

The rear view gives a better idea of the ‘A’ frame girder structure which supports the Skull and Cross-bones. Could be a nice place to have a Grot climbing up if I can find such a mini.

Wheel House Update

I’ve spent the first half of this week armouring and detailing the port side of the wheel house roof, including the sponson and armour plate wall along the roof edge. For a bit of interest the sponson on this side has sustained some battle damage, exposing some wires etc.

I also managed to get close to finishing the detailing on the front of the wheel house. Adding the plating, other half of the door and one of the shutters. I still have a second shutter to add, but at the moment I’m indecisive as to whether it should be open or closed… maybe propped half way.

Wheel House Raised Walkway

This week I’ve been working on the raised walkway that goes along the port side of the wheel house. The walkway is built on to the wheel house. I’ve begun adding some detailing, including my first attempt at some Ork Glyphs. Underneath the walkway I’m think to have some old barrels and crates of supplies that have been stashed out of the way.

Chimney Stacks

I’ve been continuing work on the chimney stack arrangement at the rear of the main superstructure. The port side chimneys, which were shown in my previous post, have since been painted.

The starboard side chimneys were constructed in the same way as before although in a different arrangement. They are currently at an earlier stage of painting, having just received a base coat and a coppery dry brushing.

Wheel House Update

Work has been continuing slowly on the Wheel House over the last week.

I have finished armouring and detailing the starboard roof sponson and continued a wall of haphazard armour plate along the roof edge.

Around the front of the wheel house I have added the shutters to the starboard openings and also half of the door.

Around the rear of the wheel house I have started to add a variety of pipes and chimneys alongside the main chimney. They have been details with various rivets, wires and Greenstuff welds. I now need to add a similar thing to the other side.