Superstructure Primed

Seeing as the build of the superstructure top was pretty much complete I decided to go ahead and prime it so I could have a go at painting my first major component of the warship. I was interested to find out how the large expanses of plating were going to look.

Superstructure Rear

This past week I have been working on the rear of the superstructure. The wall of armour plating has been continued around the back and I’ve added a small curved section of railing around the chimney stack. The chimney stack has also been extended downwards to connect to the main deck.

On the main chimney stack I’ve added some baffles to the opening to provide some interest and detail. I have also fitted a ‘wooden’ platform around the stack as a possible sniper position for a grot or two.

I’ve also added some drips on to the side of main chimney stack where it sits below the oozing pipe.

Gatling Gun Painted

This weekend I’ve spent a bit of time working around the back of the superstructure, preparing it for some detailing. However as that’s a bit dull at the moment here is the Gatling gun having received its paint job. I’m very pleased with the metals, especially the rust and wear on the platform, and the subtle heat discolouration on the barrels.

Superstructure Lift

I finally decided to have a go at the lift that will service the various levels of the superstructure, allowing the orks to get up to the helm platform to have a go at steering. Although it wont actually be operable whilst sailing the boat, like various other elements of the ship I did want it to be adjustable so I can change how things look.

Started off by constructing the basic lift platform which has a tab that nicely slides along the runner that will be fitted through the superstructure…

Here you can see how the two parts fit together…

I then added some handrails to the lift platform itself, still need to add a few more details such as safety chains and controls etc. You can also see that I have added a little pulley at the top of the shaft and attached a chain to the platform. The chain will eventually loop around to the bottom of the runner and joining up with the bottom of the platform. This will give a continuous loop of chain that will hopefully allow the platform to be moved up and down but still hold it in place enough so that it doesn’t drop under its own weight.

Here is a final shot showing how the lift provides access to 3 levels…