Port Side Turret Painting

Well its been a month since my last post! Work on the the warship has been quite slow due to other things going on, however there has been some progress.

I decided to have a go at painting the port side turret to get a feel for the colours I want to use. First up is the turret after receiving a coat of primer.

And various views once painted…

And finally a close up of the turret operator…

Overall I’m very happy with the finish achieved. I think there is still some potential for furtherĀ detailingĀ and weathering/rust etc but I think that final stage can wait until the rest of the model has caught up.

Port Side Turret Build Complete

The port side gun turret is finally completely clad in armour plate and riveted to within an inch of its life! I’ve tried to add various little details to keep it varied an interesting all over.

The main feature around this side of the turret (not shown too well in the photo) is the panel that has popped its rivets and is coming away. Also note the little ventilation pipe at the rear

The rear of the turret has some major battle damage… I’ve used Greenstuff to sculpt what is supposed to look like intense heat damage where the armour has been melted away.

This view shows best how I’ve added some bracing around the barrels… Orks use too much gunpowder!

Port Side Turret Detail

A little progress on the turret. I’ve added the top plate including a hole where the turret operator will be standing. I enclosed the barrels as much as possible without limiting the range of movement. It was still too obvious that the barrels were attached to a tube which didn’t look very realistic, so I’ve sculpted some canvas shrouds. I think once the inside is painted black and the ‘cloth’ is shaded it will look fine.

Port Side Turret

Today I’ve been working on the main port side turret. At the moment its still just structural, eventually the turret will be enclosed and armour clad.

I’m building the turret so that it will be able to rotate, allowing the barrels to be kept inboard during transit, but be swivelled outwards whilst sailing. With the potential to motorise it if I choose. It is also possible to change the barrel elevation. Looking fairly formidable already.