Boarding Ramp Gantry & Grabber Hull

Starboard Hull & Deck

A few months have passed without an update here, but work on the warship has been slowly progressing. Mainly it’s been a case of working my way around the hull and deck and adding plating and rivets, which once seen a couple of times it becomes a bit repetitive to keep posting about. So since the last post the front deck area has been detailed and the various orks, grots and other items have been arranged.

The small deck area leading out of the superstructure has had fencing/railings placed around the edges and most of its deck plating applied.

I’ve most recently been working on the starboard side, along with the hull side plating and deck detailing I’ve also made significant progress with the Killa Kan boarding ramp and harpoon/grapplingĀ launcher for bring victims in close for boarding.

I have also started work on the gantry and grabbing arm. Apart from some orkification in the shape of repair plates and rivets I’ve also fitted the claw I created a long time ago and a simple mechanism for allowing easy removal of the arm during transit.

Still a fair bit of work to do to completely finish these areas, but my current aim is to get enough done so that I can prime and paint the hull soon.