Boarding Ramp Gantry & Grabber Hull

Starboard Hull & Deck

A few months have passed without an update here, but work on the warship has been slowly progressing. Mainly it’s been a case of working my way around the hull and deck and adding plating and rivets, which once seen a couple of times it becomes a bit repetitive to keep posting about. So since the last post the front deck area has been detailed and the various orks, grots and other items have been arranged.

The small deck area leading out of the superstructure has had fencing/railings placed around the edges and most of its deck plating applied.

I’ve most recently been working on the starboard side, along with the hull side plating and deck detailing I’ve also made significant progress with the Killa Kan boarding ramp and harpoon/grapplingĀ launcher for bring victims in close for boarding.

I have also started work on the gantry and grabbing arm. Apart from some orkification in the shape of repair plates and rivets I’ve also fitted the claw I created a long time ago and a simple mechanism for allowing easy removal of the arm during transit.

Still a fair bit of work to do to completely finish these areas, but my current aim is to get enough done so that I can prime and paint the hull soon.

Fore Deck

Fore Deck Detailing

With the Zzap Kannon painted I decided to continue work on the fore deck area. A railing in the same style as the one which runs along the port side was added, dipping down at the front for clearance of the zzap kannon barrels. Once this was done I added some locating plates for the zzap kannon mounts and then continued to plate and rivet the remaining deck area.

Along the front port side another interesting shaped railing was constructed, dipping down for for the small kannon’s firing position and leaving a clearing for the mooring bollard.

Fore Deck

Zzap Kannon Painted

Here is the Zzap Kannon in all its painted glory…

Deck Lift

Deffkopta Painted

Here is the fully painted Deffkopta…


End of Year Review

I thought as it is the last day of 2011 and this project is about a year old I would do a little end of year report on what has been done and what is still to do.

Starting with 3 photos of the sides and bow, I’ll mainly discuss the hull and leave the gubbins on the deck for later.

First up the port side of the hull, this is virtually complete. All of the armour plate details, portholes and side firing position are in place…

The starboard side is a little behind. I still need to add the plating on the rear most section along with the firing position and then rivet/detail from the ladder backwards.

The bow and its jaws are also complete other than some chains and other bits and bobs that will be added after I paint the rest of the hull. I also want to fit an anchor in the anchor box.

In terms of paint finish for the hull, I’m probably going for a gun metal colour, with plenty of rust and weathering. The teeth will be white and possibly the inside of the jaw will be red.

Moving up on to the deck. The 3 barrel zzap gun mounted on the foredeck is still patiently awaiting paint. I also need to add detail around this firing position with railings, grot loader etc. In the space between the fore deck and the port turret I have an area which is still a little unresolved. So far I have the bollards for mooring, the anchor winch from the original kit which makes for quite a nice bit of detail. Then I have a Kannon and its 2 grot crew for some extra fire power. The port turret itself is finished, its platform however still requires some plating/detailing around the sides. I also need to add the servo to operate the turret.

The section rear of the port turret is quite close to completion with the railings, plating and riveting all done. All that remains is to finish the stash of supplies that is going under the walkway (oil drums and crates etc). You can also see in the shot that I need to add further detail to the rear of the superstructure, some doors, piping and valves etc. The hydraulic arm on the gantry is from the original kit and therefore I need to orkify it, add some kind of operating position and stick a nice klaw on the end.

Around the starboard side we start with the Stormboyz launch tower. This is pretty much complete in terms of construction, although frame needs orking up a bit with some reinforcing plates/struts etc. I also need to complete the walkway railing and add a few more stormboyz to the scene. In the little gap under the walkway I’ll probably just add an ork or two with their own personal weapons… or maybe an extra firing position for a smaller calibre weapon. The deck lift is pretty much there and I’m currently painting the Deffkopta (close-ups when its done).

Next up is probably the most neglected area, the Kan workshop. Still need to devise some kind of ramp/bridge so that the Kans can be used to board any unfortunate vessel the ship may pull up alongside. Will also have some launchers for grappling hooks to hold the victim in place. This photo is also a good opportunity to mention the area below deck at the rear of the ship. This will eventually be where the furnace goes, but is a fairly low priority given its mostly hidden from view. The rear openings will have some kind of weaponry, probably a depth charge launcher in one side and a cannon of some description in the other.

The superstructure roof has been fairly well documented in previous posts as it has received a fair bit of attention with the paintbrush. All the basics are pretty much done… the two anti-aircraft weapons the gatling and the flak gun, the steering mechanism, the chimneys, the lift, the skull and crossbones and of course Kaptin Badrukk’s command platform of which I’m including a close-up as I recently painted his boss pole thingamy.

I also want to add more crew around the ship, both orks and grots, so that it really starts to come to life and looks to be teeming with activity as she thunders in to battle.

Also, Santa Claus was kind enough to bring me all the radio gubbinz, battery etc for Christmas so once I get that fitted I’ll take some shots of the gloomy interior below decks for those interested in the worky bits.

Well I think that pretty much concludes my little review.


Flak Gun Painted

The Flak gun on the superstructure roof has been painted. There is still some tidying up to do on it but the basics are there.


Port Deck Railing

I have now added a railing along the port side of the deck…

I’ve also started adding some deck plating…