Hull Primed!

Today I reached a pretty major milestone in the project.

With all the little bits of outstanding detail finally added I was able to set about priming the hull and deck. First task was to mark the waterline and mask off the previously painted lower section of the hull. I also blocked off all of the openings with paper and used masking fluid on a few areas that will have things glued to them. I then primed everything black. Once that was dry I sprayed on a can of Humbrol Gun Metal Acrylic to the hull sides, leaving the deck black for now.

I’m a bit disappointed with the Gun Metal, it pretty much looks dark grey (photo shows it a bit lighter than it actually is) until you get up really close to see a few sparkly bits. I was always going to weather it quite heavily so this isn’t the final finish, but I was hoping for a more metallic base to start from.