Fore Deck

Fore Deck and Bow

Some earlier photos have shown a glimpse of a mast position at the bow of the ship. I had always planned to retain this from the original kit, however apart from getting in the way of other things i want to do on the deck, I think it was also not very warship like.

I therefore decided to remove the mast, and in its place I’m going to have a nice big 3 barrelled gun of some description. Rather than place this straight on to the deck I wanted to raise it up a little, so I have built a small foredeck.

Starting with a basic structure, the hardest part was getting the angles correct so that the front wall followed the same profile as the hull.

I decided I wanted the bow to look quite heavily armoured, with the shark’s teeth you can imagine the Orks quite happily ramming their victims. I also added viewing/firing ports around the front. Here you can see the fibre glass hull scratched and roughed up to help ensure the armour plating sticks.

This final shot shows further progress with the detailing.