Super Structure

Helm Platform

Spent some time this weekend working on a platform for the helm, this is where the captain of the ship will be standing, along with his Gretchin helms man.

Starting with a piece of plastic card, cut to the shape I had decided upon, I then clad the deck with .5mm plastic ‘plates’ of various shapes and sizes. A few strips and some tread plate were added to give that cobbled together feel. I then added over 300 rivets made from sliced up styrene rod and individually glued on. Think maybe I was a little too neat, especially with the rivet spacing.

The “safety” barrier, not that Orks would feel the need for such things, was made from a strip of aluminium mesh used for car bodywork repairs. supported with brass rods and finished off with some styrene “L” section.

As you can see its still a work in progress, especially towards the rear where I’m not 100% sure how it will interact with what’s behind it. The hole in the platform is going to be a small lift for getting up and down.