Painting the Hull

I’ve been working on the hull around the bow and jaw… so far I’m very happy with how the gun metal base is taking the weathering effects I’m applying.

The Ork Warship

Guided Tour Video

I have put together a little Guided Tour of the Ork Warship.


Hull Primed!

Today I reached a pretty major milestone in the project.

With all the little bits of outstanding detail finally added I was able to set about priming the hull and deck. First task was to mark the waterline and mask off the previously painted lower section of the hull. I also blocked off all of the openings with paper and used masking fluid on a few areas that will have things glued to them. I then primed everything black. Once that was dry I sprayed on a can of Humbrol Gun Metal Acrylic to the hull sides, leaving the deck black for now.

I’m a bit disappointed with the Gun Metal, it pretty much looks dark grey (photo shows it a bit lighter than it actually is) until you get up really close to see a few sparkly bits. I was always going to weather it quite heavily so this isn’t the final finish, but I was hoping for a more metallic base to start from.

The Ork Warship

Furnace Room Interior

This is what I’ve mostly referred to in past posts as the furnace room. Its below decks and is virtually obscured from view when the removable panel is in place, but I long ago set my heart on creating a little diorama¬†down here in the guts of the ship…

So I’ve added a few walls, which also creates a space to the left where coal-like fuel will be piled up for shovelling in to the furnace, you can sort of make out the loading hatch on the deck above…

As I won’t have the best access when its in place for doing any detailed painting this, along with the other parts I have planned for down here, will be constructed as separate units which can be fixed in once painted…

If you were wondering where the door led to, well someone’s got to operate these missile tubes…

Which rather conveniently poke out of this slot in the side of the hull…

Well I now need to make a mirror of this for the other side… the ‘other side’ is always a bit boring to do, although at least it wont be quite so trial and error getting it to fit.

The Ork Warship

Stormboyz Catapult Painted

The Stormboyz Catapult platform gets a lick of paint…

Ship's Crew

Front Deck Layout

I’m still slowly working my away around the warship adding details. Looking back at my previous post I realised I hadnt posted anything about the state of the front deck for some time and since there have been several recent additions in that area I thought I would add a post for that area.

Here is an overview shot of the port side.

Here is the front deck with all of the characters and equipment positioned. At the moment the are just pinned in place, once everything is painted I will glue them on permanently.

On the right hand side there is a free-standing kannon being operated by a couple of grots, one of which is busy bringing a shell up from below. The other grot is shouting for assistance for the fallen ork lying wounded by the anchor winch.

A very recent addition is the stairway leading up to the Zzap gun deck and the associated railing.

A Stormboy is coming out of the tunnel under the walkways ready to follow his colleague up the launch ramp. Above him is another Stormboy negotiating the walkway, with recently added left hand railing, as he makes his way up to the catapult.

The Stormboy captain is bringing up the rear, as he leaves the superstructure shouting his orders to his departing squad.

Gantry & Grabber

Grabber Painted

The grabber at the rear of the warship gets a rusty, oily industrial look…